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Quality is a benchmark of perfection for the end-user. It is a good practice in the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products, as it is the key factor for integrity of products to meet the expected standard for the proposed use. It is an obligation of the company to meet the needs of patients in terms of quality, safety, efficacy and reliability.



Quality assurance exists to serve a number of objectives that include the following:

  1. To protect users for products from possible accidental defect in the manufacture, design, storage as well as usage instructions.
  2. To offer a guarantee that the person who is administering medicine is confident that every unit will achieve the desired effect.
  3. To ensure the law is complied with to the latter.
  4. To offer protection of the company and Product and Safety Liability

More and more manufacturing companies are getting accustomed to the full impact of strict product liability. The effect of this in the industry is that all businesses that need to continue trading profitably must take into account safety oriented procedures that will keep product liability risks at a minimum. Quality assurance is a management tool that is recognized widely as a means of executing product liability prevention programs that are effective. Thus, companies that ignore the dangers are likely to suffer serious financial peril.